Donate 捐款

Since we are required by election law to follow up with a request for the donor's occupation information include Name, Address, Occupation, Employer and Employer's city and state (if employeed) if the accumulated donation is more than $100 in a year, please fill the form below and we'll contact you with the easy online payment method.

根据选举法,如果捐赠者一年之内累计捐款超过$100, 我们必须收集捐赠者的职业信息,包括姓名、地址、职业、雇主和雇主的城市和州(如果受雇)。请您填写下面的表格,然后我们会及时和您联系,提供方便快捷的付款方式。

Chinese Americans United is a Political Action Committee run by volunteers. Every penny of your donation will be spent on daily operations, support candidates or measures, and increase voter participation. Oregon law ORS 316.102 states that single tax filer with income under $75000 who make political donations can get up to $50 Oregon tax credit each year. For joint filers with income under $150000, the credit is $100. If you are within the income bracket and your political donation is below the limit, you will be able to get your donation fully refunded by the state of Oregon when you file your Oregon tax return.

华人联合参政会是一个完全由志愿者管理的政治行动委员会。您的每一分捐款都将用于日常运营、支持候选人或措施、增加选民参与度的活动。俄勒冈州法律 ORS 316.102 规定,年收入低于75000美元的单独纳税人的政治捐款可以获得最高50美元的俄勒冈州税抵免。对于年收入低于150000美元的夫妻共同纳税人,该抵免金额为100美元。如果您符合收入要求并且您的政治捐款总数低于限额,俄勒冈州在您报税后退还全部捐款。