Chinese Americans United

Political Action Committee



In April 2024, after a successful rally, we went to three local elderly homes to help seniors register to vote in the upcoming May 2024 Oregon elections. Ten volunteers assisted over a hundred seniors, especially those in the 84th Street senior community, where many speak Cantonese or Mandarin. By breaking down language barriers and providing support, they ensured that everyone could participate in democracy. This grassroots effort showed the strength of community involvement and the importance of inclusivity in civic engagement.

在2024年四月下旬,美华联合参政会举办了一场成功的选民声援会后,他们前往了三家当地养老院,帮助老年人完成了在俄勒冈州2024年五月选举中的选民登记。 十名志愿者共同协助了一百多位老年人,尤其是居住在华人聚集的84街老年社区的居民。通过打破语言障碍并提供支持,他们确保了每个人都能参与到民主进程中来。这一基层努力展现了社区参与的力量,以及民众参与公民活动的包容性的重要性。